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About Opposite Dei

Opposite Dei.

The creed of Satanism is: Good is Evil and Evil is Good.

There are a lot of people out there who look at the world, see the overwhelming, pervasive Evil and can’t make sense of any of it. It doesn’t make sense and it shouldn’t. If it did make sense then you would be One of Them. But, in order for you to sleep at night, I submit that there is a syllogistic logic to their creed and the execution (literally lethal) of that creed. If you accept that a syllogism can form a logic structure but that logic structure can be false when evaluated by a Truth Table of: Always True, Sometimes True, Never True, Always False, Sometimes False, Never False; then you will see that to Them, the world makes sense, it has an inherent logic structure, yet it is False. But then what would you expect from Liars?

For example with apologies to The French: the first time I was taught a false syllogism it was this: All French are idiots. Jacques is a Frenchman. Jacques is an idiot. See? It has logical structure, but the basic premises are flawed therefore the syllogism is False.

Because our visual apparatus is upside-down and backward and it gets sent that way to the back of the brain, without the Taoist Magick Mirror to allow us to see Demons, we must rely on the simple Inverter Gate of logic to return us to a view of the world that makes sense. If we simply take Calvin and Hobbes Opposite Day and put it in the blender with Talmudic cannon (no I didn’t Spell it wrong) then we come out with Opposite Dei. So as to imply Deity. So as to imply God. Or, better said: what the Gnostics call the Demented Alien Mind Parasite masquerading as a God. But then the 72 secret names of the Hive Mind Entity has ‘Good’ as one of the appellations. Good God! Either way you slice it there is some serious Product Liability responsibility for whoeverthehell created this mess, so to look at the world, evaluate life, and pursue a direction other than the one we are on, then to go Opposite of Dei works every time. Just reverse everything. The Chinese martial arts teaches that if you want to uproot a tree you push it down from the top. Even modern bulldozer operators do that. You don’t try to pull it up! Try pulling up a tree sometime. Understanding by doing brings the point home. If we want to overcome this Old World Disorder (see! Opposite of: New World Order and it makes freaking sense my way, doesn’t it?) then we have to look, see, and act in a whole new way.

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