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Technology Trap

January 30, 2013

Hi Kids,

If you were wondering why my posts are more irregular than a bowel movement on a steady diet of concrete — it is not easy to say.

I have three different browsers and there are times when none of them will let me in so it makes me wonder if they are blocking my IP since everyone I know from around the country says that they can get in just fine.

What this does focus down to is what James Burke called The Technology Trap, where we get accustomed to a way of doing something mechanized and when that machine breaks down (or is denied) then that function is no longer possible by that means. What that requires (and no one has stepped up to the task) is a replacement/alternative to a military communications network where people volunteer their biometrics, economic data, psychological profiles and just about everything else for the convenience of communication. Of course, even if you were to develop an alternative to the world wide black widow spider web, the EnEssAye splitters would still capture your datastreams and you would still be just as monitored as you were in the 1960s when the US corporation laid the transatlantic cable, or when Ben Franklin invented the post office so that he could read and censor your mail.

More cud for thought for you to chew on until we meat again and I hope that you don’t need a laxative to purge the thoughts from your mind.


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