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Why Alex Jones being on MSM was the most important thing in the History of MK

January 18, 2013

Think about it.

I demand it.

For whatever you think of Alexi, here was a guy that has MILLIONS of followers around the world on a full-court press having access to MILLIONS of mainstreamers but the Zombie Slave Work Units AT BEST did a pause at the TV on their way to the toilet or the Pop Tart in their toaster before they went back into unconsciousness.

What this was, was NOT a significant event in the history of broadcasting to encourage you with those three PsyOps standards that you have come to love, beLIEve and REPEAT like a good Truth Movement Zombie:

-We need education.
-They can wake up.
-Mass Action will change things.

What this was WAS a test.

Like the Emergency Broadcast System buzzing your head with the Mind Virus Tone that conditions you to salivate when Pavlov puts the acid in your mouth and rings the bell, except nobody salivated.

-Is the world different?
-Has it changed?
-CAN it change?

You got the answer.

The answer was NO.

Just like the first Inauguration where there were Big Screen TVs pumping out Audio Visual Entrainment and Silent Sound that was so effective that there was not a single ‘reported’ event of disruption, the Alex Jones pageant played out to the wetdream fantasy of The Controllers as proof positive that Their MK is so completely successful that They can jump up and down in front of your mind’s eye cameras and wave Their pointy tail and the bulk of the world won’t do a goddamned thing about it.

NATO’s Biology of Aggression tells why.

The bulk of the world were bred to be labrats specifically with their Aggression removed. Now a healthy dose of bacteriophages might restore their knockout genes and bring them to a point of realizing that Utopia is just a Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars read away, but then the 2012 EndOTheWorld scare was just another EBS test to make sure that the ones who thought they were awake whilst trudging through this sad repetition of Dante’s Circle wouldn’t do anything significant either. Perhaps the world will end in 2013 because of that Gregorian Calendar mistake and 2012 was just a test to see how many of the Zombie Slave Work Units would even respond to a hint of extraterrestrial existential excoriation from existence. No one I know did anything. Pretty much bidness az uzual from my perspective. So, except for a few addresses gleaned from the ones who bought into the Silo Condos so that the Trogs know where to park a few cement mixers to keep the doors from opening, that whole ‘awareness/awakening’ thing had nothing to do with awareness or awakening but to test how complete their MK was.

I would say: pretty goddamned complete.

Wouldn’t you?

I mean: I’m not writing these blogs for myself. It is to inform beyond disinformation. It is to evaluate beyond the Demon of Hope. It is to get the heart of the matter so that a true solution and countermeasure can be constructed at the individual level not waiting for the next Jones/Messiah to led the sheeple to the Broken Promised Land.

[As an amusing aside, I have been introduced to the work of Glen Kealey who talks about planetary inundation. If you were to consider that the surface of the world might support a 13-foot skin of water after a good cosmic slosh and pole melt after you had just invested in the lower floor of a silo with a community pool at the bottom, and the lid wasn’t water tight, then before the waters receded or you were able to emerge from your subterranean Ark, and the seepage infiltrated, it would stand to reason that your holeintheground would fill up to the now rusted-shut multi-ton door and the overall surface volume of the global water skin would still be 12.9998 feet. Give or take. If you had read Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars then you would have known what the practice of “Shocks to the System” meant.]

All this to say, and without any malice beyond a healthy Bitch Slap to the mind to get people to realize: The MK is so deep, their command over the physical is so advanced, they are so malevolent and bored that they simply stir the water to see which way the scales on the fish will flash.

Lettuce examine just one aspect of this show involving Alex that was put on for your amusement and to harvest your adrenaline. I have heard (I can’t stream video) that Alex had his life threatened. That is a crime. It is a crime that was supposedly broadcasted, therefore is on the record.

Why then, hasn’t the person who threatened him been arrested?

You already know the answer to that and that is why I say that all of this is just a Hormone Harvest pageant.

THEY have all the guns. THEY run the courts. THEY control the media.

Since I have been locked out of WordPress at the very time that I composed this on 01/11/2013, I missed being among the first to bring that concept up. I just heard it addressed today 01/17/2013 by the guest on Monteith’s show on GCN.

Of course they will allow death threats for real and for jest to go completely unnoticed let alone addressed or punished. That’s just one more aspect of how they rub your nose in their poo to show how they have total control over everything. It is a castrating effect. Sorry, women, but, you by Nature, already don’t have any balls.
But, we have just been informed that Alex and his backers did a very good Three Stooges Impression of “Why I oughtta —- !”
I mean: calling for a revolution if guns that were made and doled out (for a fee) by the Planetary Military Occupation were attempted to be taken away sounds like male walrus posturing. Blackwater went door to door after Katrina and the weapons were handed out like donations of shoes to Goodwill.

Because Alex has a posse and they have guns: Why didn’t his group arrest the person or persons who threatened him?

That would be a show of their ‘assumed’ rights and power.

You see, the battle cry of the cloistered christian is: We’ve got guns and we know how to use them; keep your powder dry; and We’ll be ready when it ‘really gets bad’.

Hey! Dickheads! It has been bad for 6000-fucking years! When are you going to peek out of your well-stocked pantries?

Why has nothing been done and why won’t anything be done? Because it was not meant to. You are all voyeurs in a Fear Porn Fest featuring you as the slut, never once realizing that while you are watching the The Show, The Show has been watching you.


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  1. mizrae permalink

    “I have met the enemy and he/she is brainwashed” How convenient all these “belief systems” are that the world lives by, either “jesus will save you” OR “the devil made me do it” (two sides to the same coin) that “teach” no faith what-so-ever in one’s self, that take no responsibility for one’s actions, that continually blame others….your demands “to think” Patrick are not in any of the equations.

    • Bless you My Child!

      The idea of Sentient Programs (the squideys and the Smiths) that were both destructive entities in The Matrix is very analogous to how Hu-mans behave in what we are calling ‘Reality’, because, after all, they are taking the Path of Least Resistance and that is what electrons do.

      Copper Tops, indeed.

      Thank you for your “thoughts”.

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