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The American Butt Project

January 18, 2013

Well, its 2013 and this go-round in Dante’s Hell isn’t any more intelligent than the last spin in the gerbilcage with the things passing for Hu-mans.

The Microbiome Project funded by your tax money to codify ALL of the organisms that might show up in the guts of North American cage-runners was an inventory to get a handle on what might be in there intoto and in Toto.

When you consider that there are 1350 biowarfare labs in just North America alone then when it comes to the Beta Testing phase of the American Gut Project where they are looking for ‘volunteers’ to have their shit sifted at a hundred dollars per dump — your donation on both counts — it doesn’t take anything past a remedial gerbil to figure out what comes next.

They have been dosing us with weapons-grade biological agents for godnose howlong and they have the UPCs on the little fuckers already coded into their laser scanners. When the rubes and rubettes show up for their fecal fete they will simply be like the Facebook rubes who turned over all of their biometrics, psychometric and econometrics to their handlers. They will be able to track across the globe just how successful they were for coverage of projects that were as subtle as the spraying of Navy ships with Nasties and SanFrancisco Bay with Serratia and dropping lightbulbs with Bacillus subtilis in NYC subways. They have already gene sequenced the agents they already delivered so they will also get a family tree of what hybridized in the guts of people they test. Those guts have to be coated with Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth since North Amerigerbils are pushing past the 40-percentile for Gluten Allergy.

Amerikans always want to be number one. They might be the first race to lose their digestive systems as vestigal organs.

Big names are promoting this but all it comes down to is serving the abusers that attacked you. Small incentives like a list of the major occupants of your guts — a thing that you could have guessed at in the first place — and palliatives with commiseration on your autoimmunity with the most likely vomit for an answer that in order for them to help you, after you helped them, that they will ‘need more study’. Of course if you asked them straight out for the PCRs on the UPCs of the weapons-grade bugs that they already know have cocooned in your diverticula they would probably either go blank, deflect, or shit their own pants.

Either way, I would stay away from any govern mente run outhouse because they were the ones that put you in the shape you are in now when this race around Dante’s Circle started before they conked you on the head and gave you the mindwipe and told you: “No, we haven’t been inside the roundy go-roundy wheel before — why don’t you try it and see if you like it this time?”


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