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NOT a Hoax!

January 18, 2013



I have had it with this insanity.

A HOAX is:
Wasn’t that David Blaine sawing the girl in half on stage a wonderful illusion?

How cool was that Alien Autopsy on Fox?

A hoax implies that they weren’t goddamned fucking military grade weapons deployed for the purpose of exterminating mankind. A hoax means something like: Whew! They really pulled a fast one on me! too bad my baby is in a grave with no compensation because Barbara Fisher and Congress saw to it that the taxpayer compensation for vaccine damage is based on adversarial court. Oh, wait. That is Reality. Not a Hoax. Would a hoax give blanket immunity to killers? I seem to remember a story about a very young gradeschool child who simply pointed his finger at his teacher then said, “Bang! Bang!” and the kid was ARRESTED. That’s a hoax — right? A hoax means that it wasn’t a criminal enterprise full of fraud and murder that have no statute of limitations and that no one is going to pursue these monsters to the Gates of Hell and insure that they are burnt to beyond atoms.

Rove and Luntz said that if you control the language you control the debate.

It’s not a goddamned hoax. It is genocide. Planned. Premeditated genocide and unless you CALL IT WHAT IT IS then this too will blow over like Crookshank‘s work that showed 287 years ago that they knew they were being genocided by Variolation; and the whole sick Kharmic Hoax Wheel will continue to turn with your blood as lubrication for its smooth Move Forward.

There are millions of jackasses out there vomiting millions of dollars on feel-good new age bullshit that has no possibility of ever being demonstrated as valid let alone delivering results other than that warm feeling that can be gotten just as easily from peeing down your own leg. They might even tell you that words are important while giving a nod to Cymatics that claims you can induce an antigravitational effect on water being vibrated on a smooth surface turned perpendicular to Force Normal. There might even be a few well-studied researchers out there who know of the Baal Shem masters who hold the Secret Words supposedly able to control the god-thing itself. They might even know that the concept of learning how to Spell has its roots in Black Magicks. That the pantheon of Mesopotamian god-things reads more like a European vowel-sound alphabet than a name list. But they don’t really understand that words have power. Words can kill and cause to be killed. So, they play with words. They masturbate with them. They fear the words that will get them into trouble. Words can also be used to heal. If vaccines were called military-grade bioweapons then would 137,000,000 goofy motherfuckers have volunteered to go into a drugstore, doctor’s office, clinic or church parking lot to be shot up with an unknown solution and thus be the carriers of chemical/biological plagues that they are now shedding on family, neighbors, friends and strangers? If you passed a sidewalk sign that says: 20% off your purchases with every military-grade bioweapon injected would you ever step foot in that pharmacy again? If medicine was called Civilian Sector Division of Operation Paperclip would you ever go to a hospital or clinic that was run by anyone other than a holistic practitioner that you knew and trusted with your life?

You see? !

It is all in the words. The only thing that is a hoax is the use of the wrong words to describe the daily insanity in this Ward of the Assylum [two “S’s” for safety].


That’s a crime too.


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