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January 5, 2013

The Internet, of course, is a military construct.

That people think they can avoid the abject sharing of information that pours through Gmail to govern mentes across the globe for nefarious purposes by choosing some provider that shouts the privacy of their members when there are splitters in the phone lines mirroring everything for the NSA, is just patently stupid.

Ignorant is when you don’t know something.

Ignorance can be corrected.

Stupid is when you believe something is good when it is a steaming pile of shit.

So, to think that you ever had private conversations on a telephone even back in the old days when they were laying the transcontinental cable (or is that: cabal?) was also the appetizer to said shit sandwich.

The phone company was one of the largest monopolies on the planet with an income and asset base that dwarfed the collected wealth of several countries back then. There is only one reason that such a thing like that could be and would be allowed to be and if you had read and internalized the Protocols and Ferdinand Lundberg then you would know that total control over communications is the key to military campaigns. Hell, the Post Office was Ben Franklin’s idea and he was a Freemason who specialized in opening people’s mail to read it. There were never ‘kinder gentler times’. The Menekian Perpetual War theme has been going on for millennia.

So, you are under Planetary Military Occupation and they run the Food service and the Phone service and the Power service and just about everything that you think independent entrepreneurial business is all about. When you sign on to something like an email you are at the mercy of those who run it. If you didn’t want to be, then you would have started your own communications network. Try getting the money to do it — oh, yeah, they own the banks too. Is this the first time that you considered it? Banks operate as if they were a military force. Ask Liberia.

So my gmail account got locked up.

Not because of whatever reason they made up because I get spammed all the day long and nothing in the world stops it, but because I speak the truth and the only way to unlock it is to provide a phone number so that they can geolocate you and track you. Concurrently with this there was an Anti-virus software error that should never happen. Security software is a wink-and-nod extortion to have you pay them to let you run smoothly while they look at your files during every ‘update’. Did you ever notice that the amount of security ‘updates’ is nearly byte for byte equal to the amount of bytes that you downloaded and generated during that period?

So, antivirus went out, gmail went out, tried to use hotmail and that went out. Message received. They don’t want me to get out.

It would not be such a yawn fest if every time just before I am ready to release a book there isn’t a major software disaster that comes in a planned and expected way like the Satanic Sitcoms on that John Ritter film Stay Tuned.

Every time.

At least they are consistent.

So, whereas you might have thought that banks were independent thieves — Privateers. Pirates, more precisely said — BEFORE I gave you the idea that they were not a disjointed band of thugs roaming the high seas but a highly organized military flotilla — you need to look at ‘cybercrime’ in the same way. Hackers ‘targets’ fall in the same pattern like when alphabet agencies give press releases that they caught and imprisoned some person or group who had made plans (that the agency invented and presented to the patsy) and objects (that they fabricated then gave or sold to the patsy) and now the world is a safer place because the orchestrated sting was successful. Hackers are like that. A true hacker if he or she had a beef with The Man would go after The Man, not small time users. This is all Hegelian Diepileptic of: Problem, Problem, Problem.

So when YOUR email is hacked and your sites go down, while the criminals and the ones who maintain the network flourish then you know what the intent of the entire system was I the first place.

That being said:
DON’T try to get a hold of me by email. I can’t get in. Apparently impersonators and hackers can get in better than I can.

If you need to contact me use my postal mail address or just comment on this site with non-personal data and we can keep in touch that way until this is resolved. Keep in mind that the record for delayed mail is three months eleven days, so if you either want to risk it or shoot for the new record then go ahead and send me something Ben Franklin style. Make sure that you package it extra firm because they like to poke holes in it to look around inside to get around those pesky ‘laws’ that you can’t open anything without a court order.

I would have had non-third party webmail if the antivirus software wasn’t rigged so that it disrupted the email years ago. They claim that is all fixed but when you waste 24-hours on useless non-fixes given to you by English-As-A-Second-Language call center jockeys who have all of the capacity to listen to what you are telling them is the real problem 5 times in a row when it is already in the notes in front of them, then only time will tell.

Like I said: Satanic Sitcom.


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  1. mizrae permalink

    Never doubted it for a minute; after all, the whole world’s a stage… in staging a military coup.

    • You always make me go:

      Ohhhhh! Like Johnny Carson after he got winged by a good joke.

      That is perfect wordplay

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