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January 5, 2013

Well, Kids,

I followed the Gmail recovery steps and gave them an alternative email so that they could help me restore the Gmail account access and what they had accomplished instead was to wipe out 4 years worth of stored data in the otherwise uncorrupted alternative account.

It is clear who Gmail is whorking for. (that was a typo but I think I will use it forever from now on).

There is no explanation or excuse for what happened. Gmail was phishing for geolocation and eradication and it happened!

There is no surprise coming from an organization that was set up by clandestine services whose motto is don’t do Evil. Of course in the Talmudic System Good is Evil and Evil is Good, so just run that motto through your head again with your Opposite Dei Filter and then you will know what they really meant.

Start backing up your data if you don’t want to lose years of your cyberlife in a nanosecond. If it is not in your possession you cannot recover it.

After all: You’re Next!


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