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New Jeer

December 31, 2012

How will I spend my New Year?

What new year?

For the Hebrews it is 5773

For the Buddhists it is 2556.

For the Chinese it is 4710.

For the Arabs it is 1433

Each one has its own cycle of Sun or Moon depending on what cult they are in and from my point of view other than knowing when to plant your seeds or knowing when the Nile is going to flood I have never needed a calendar. Have no use for new years neither. The Gregorian calendar is off by at least a year because the Catholics didn’t get the Zero from the Arabs until after the priests fucked up (hard to erase illuminated manuscripts with gold leaf) and it is a tribute to religious tenacity to not admit you fucked up and start all over again. Too much trauma to be harvested from schoolboys trying to do a conversion on just when the Hell the 16th century was. Plus you get that extra adrenaline buzz to say that the Mayan calendar (gee, remember that one? been so long already) was not harmonized to said counting-number vs. real-number fuckup so we get to relive the fear of the end of the world all over again in 2013. Book your tickets in advance for a discount. But more to the point: we are IN HELL, so it is just another arbitrary celebration(?) of going around Dante’s Circle yet again. Kindof like ticking off days in your prison cell while doing Life. Doesn’t amount to much but it is something to do.

But beyond that it is the DOING that the Controllers like so much. When you can get a million assholes to freeze said assholes off in Times Square looking at some artificial nonsense to celebrate a date that — well, read the intro again — doesn’t mean Jack Shit, then it serves the purpose of demonstrating that you command a million assholes. Not really liking the visual on that one.

So, since I have been undigitized since Silent Sound mind control was made mandatory by the government to the point of issuing low income coupons for TVs, I will not be distracted by the asshole parade and will get some well-needed sleep because we have the entire endless Circle of this Malbolge in Hell to circumnavigate all over again when we get up in the morning.

Happy Hellydays.


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  1. why are you so optimistic? lol. Happy one year around the sun day anyway.

  2. Well, you see, my dear, I was always told that I was being negative. So I changed my ways to adopt a positve attitude. I am POSITIVE that things are completely messed up.


    I can change.

  3. Melody permalink

    Just another day on the toilet…stop hoggin the butt wipe, Patrick! HA!

  4. mizrae permalink

    What a group! We are just too damn funny…..

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