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Dog the Wag

December 28, 2012

If you haven’t seen the movie you must.

No, I don’t get royalties (interesting root word for kickbacks to the king) and I despise Hollyweird, but if you realize that fiction is where they hide the documentaries and journalism is where they bury (as in dead thing) the truth, then you will see what a lethal sense of humor They have.

In Wag The Dog there is a beret-wearing fellatio queen in a predictive program before Old Willey got in and did his thing with a fine young girl from Hebrew School then set his sights (literally in military terms) on some countries you never heard of before they set their sights on them. Given that the region was the birthplace of Tesla and Einstein’s first wife it should bear some investigation as to what they were trying to eliminate there with milliondollarapop cruise missiles. (?)


Be it known to my general audience that I don’t stream video for two reasons:

1) one minute takes a half an hour to load on dialup
2) I don’t trust any service like Hulu (both syllables are demonic surnames from Babylon) due to audio visual entrainment that they had in one of their introductory advertisements when the site first came online.
3) everyone I know is ADDICTED to Utube.

Ok, that was three.

So, It is on Jon’s good honor that I take his observations and interpretations of said video at face value. I know Hollyweird intimately and everything about it is a Con. Jon is not the only one calling this entire excusetograbguns an agitation propaganda theater. Jon has an entire series of articles on this topic and I admire anyone who can birddog a topic like this to root out what the actual story really is.

And what is it from my view outside the fishbowl?

Well, from the analysis of others because I do not know these people, I do not know if there are legitimate losses of life, I do not know if this is real or staged, but it has the patina of a ‘shooting’ at a ‘remote location’ outside of the normal Hollyweird studios. But then Shakeyspear said that all of the world’s a stage. Just ask the guy who wrote the off-Broadway script that was allegedly plagiarized to make The Truman Show.

Adrenochrome is a real substance. It is a psychomimetic. This means that it is an addictive hallucinogen. A tolerance can be developed to it so that the addicted craves more. It seems that the monsters behind this sacrifice whether real or not will escalate their destructions because they are getting diminishing returns on their high, thus forcing them to ever-escalating madness to surfeit those desires.

There are those like Fritz Springmeier who say that Crowley was british military intelligence and that is no stretch given the Pentagon’s involvement with sorcery in the 1960s and beyond (email me for court transcript material). So, the branches of the Qaballah Family Tree simply twist around the roots when we find that Abe Lincoln, Bush, Princess Diana, Prince Philip, Twilight star, Brad Pitt, ad nauseum, are all blood descendents of Vlad Tepes III. It seems at this point that we are returning back to those days of the 1200s AD where witchkraft and heresy were decried to root out the innocent in favor of replacing them like Pod People with the true Witches and Blasphemous where everyone knew everyone else except for the Witchsmeller. Because the commoners lived in close, related communities they knew each other and knew of their overseers sometimes just by name or reputation. Imagine: ratting out your neighbors and family and killing them in public because some stranger said it was God’s Will. (?) Been reeling from that one for years.

Anyhowdy —-

What we have here is a return to those days when there was an intimate knowledge of just who is connected to whom (commoners vs. royalty) and the Witchsmellers smell of Witches and don’t seem to give a damn. Crowley, Tepes, and Quakers. Well, Cotton Mather was a Puritan and by all accounts was a Witch (Wiccans really get pissed when you use the word Warlock). In fact, my little Blogocytes, the pointy hat associated with the typical Holloween (hollywood?) witch was the standard headgear of Puritan women. Go figure. No — I mean it — go figure. They have been IN YOUR FACE throughout history but the fluoride and bromine and Ergot in the village wells have kept you quite in an altered state to not even notice until your noses are pushed in it like a puppy into its own poo. Funny I should bring up Ergot and Quakers in the same sentence. Since I am Opposite Dei, there is no religion that is not suspect of manipulation by pharmacopoeia. The Catholics who like to burn Frankincense don’t tell you that it has the same cannibanoids as well — a plant that they have a war on drugs about. But it is OK to get high in church. That’s religion. I am positive that you will not see any SWAT teams busting into cathedrals to seize incense burners. Then there is the curious thing about people who Quake during their religious practices. Where did you think the term Quakers and Shakers came from?

Given the work of Hulda Clark who says that Ergot toxin can make you hear voices and put you into a Jekyll and Hyde personality rip, and the whole Linda Caporael thing about the Salem Witch trials being caused by quaking shaking foaming victims of Ergotism, you have to wonder if the Quaker/Shaker pastors (sheep herders) didn’t have a festering shock of Rye grain in the floorboard to make the parishioners ‘see god’. (?)

Where was I? — it’s hard to keep track —

Oh, yeah. You find that ALL of Hollywood is related to the badasses of history and as Jon Rappoport so perfectly outlines all news now is a police statement that is parroted by the media that is Hollywood. This parallels the domination of a figure like Vlad The Impaler who was a general (military again) telling people what to think and do on pain of death (or worse) and Crowley who was a pseudo-religious military agent all linked up with what Chris Carter labeled: The Military Industrial ENTERTAINMENT complex. You don’t see me on the NYT bestseller list. I ain’t Family. Your entire perceptions of the world around you are shaped by Them. They come from the most bloodthirsty gene sequences the last great bombardment could conjure. Their traditions are steep in the use of brain altering drugs to enslave a workforce to do their commands.

The Age of Belief is over.

We are in the Age of Mechanism, where something has to work or it must be recycled or utterly destroyed.

The application of that is going to be more difficult than you can imagine as will be seen in my next blog.

Stay Un-tuned.


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  1. mizrae permalink

    He’s not the only one who believes this to be a staged event:

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