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Chem Trials

November 30, 2012

Hello Everybody. Welcome to my first blog out here in cyborville. Pardon me while I urinate on the jackboots of the controlled mainstream plus controlled alternative media to highlight what I think is disinformation and selling of Pandora’s last Demon-In-A-Box known as Hope.

Ah. That’s better. It is always good to relieve oneself of one’s burdens so that one does not get the label of being any kind of ‘retentive’.

For those of you who know me, please forgive the less-than take-no-prisoners diatribes that you might be familiar with because in our close and private association I can instantly retract and reframe anything that I might reconsider as “Oooops! Was that outloud?”

I will, however, suffer-no-fools in this public forum so I will get right to a singular topic (couldave started anywhere) that is a particular steaming hot poker in my Fruit ‘O’ The Looms: Chemtrails.

I’ll open with all of my cards on the table: I really like the film: What In The World Are They Spraying?, butt…

and it’s a big one…

it serves only as a primer for those still lost in hypnosis of traumatic mind control that are unable to inhale the sheer terror of what really might be going on.

I cover all of this in my book The Rise and Fall of Kingdom Plantae
(, so a brief introduction is all that is necessary for the non-cerebroliquefied population who can look it up for themselves to confirm or deny the thesis.

Enrico Fermi was taking side bets at the Trinity Detonation that the test would either incinerate the state of New Mexico or ignite the atmosphere. That this was an unknown but they did it anyway, demonstrates the level of demonic idiocy at work here. It is my contention that if Trinity did or didn’t initiate the breakdown of the atmosphere, then Teller and his illegitimate brainchild finished the job.

Right after the first tests Cloud Seeding began in earnest. The Starfish upper atmosphere detonation in 1962 tore a hole in the magnetosphere that is still there today (and growing). Ralph Keeling from Scripps Institute graphed the loss of oxygen on this planet with the opinion that we are venting air like a punctured tire. It is my opinion that the Woodpecker Array (the first HAARP) in Russia was responsible for covering Chicago in the worst blizzards in its history — just for fun.

I think the crazy bastards did it. Burnt off the atmosphere that is.

I think that Teller’s cover-story of increasing downscaling of computer components being sensitive to the supernova radiation that JPL fears has already passed our heliopause was to distract you from the fact that they purposefully and willfully burnt off the thing that we can’t live minutes without.

This is why I am leading with this story. You can live for about a month without food so I can pause on the GMO crimes. A couple weeks without water so I can abstain from going right into what Dr. Gilbert Ling says defines Life ( But try holding your breath for over a couple minutes.

So, whereas the crystal-rubbing tree-huggers are all about: Stop the chemtrails! as they swoon in the arclight of the electric universe approaching eclipse with the galactic core; NO ONE is paying attention to the fact that since the monsters of previous generations created an Oooops! Shit! by burning off the atmosphere, then forcing them to STOP the chemtrails may be the worst idea in a long line of bad ideas. Sure there is poisonous aluminum, barium, strontium and THORIUM (that no one besides David Icke seems to be talking about — why is that?). Thorium as a refractory atmospheric modifier is already patented. It is dirtier than Uranium by exponential powers yet no one is even discussing that. Why is that?

What I really love is the artistic blending and melding of what we know to be physics that is replicable, with the unsubstantiable legends of old and new mixed to the point where you don’t know what is the construct, what is the matrix and what is real life. The legends of Niburu burning off their atmosphere then coming here to mine gold to repair it has eerie corollaries with the disappearance of all of the gold (and the gold standard with it) under FDR. The world went to the barrel of oil as a monetary standard and the entire biosphere is polluted with petroleum hydrocarbons (great for global warming, by the way) almost in anticipation of global cooling needed by the particulates also in said petroleum hydrocarbons because the Nova documentary Dimming The Sun says that if it weren’t for the grit in the sky we would be sterilized by UV and baked dryer than your holiday turkey. This is why they use the word: Climate Change. Because if they hadn’t been geoengineering all these years keeping the temperature and radiation down, thus cooling the surface, then it would have been global warming. Set on about Regulo Eleven.

For those of you who think that chemtrailing only began when Project Cloverleaf was undeniable to the general zombie population that was able to raise their eyestalks high enough to look up: life did not begin in the 1990s when you awoke from your slumber. This is a Long Game that has been meticulously engineered for millenia.

I don’t doubt for a moment that there is over-unity energy devices possible and out there. Archimedes had a form of calculus 1800 years ago. The ones who hold this knowledge are spacemen to our cavemen. But it is unwise to over-estimate their ability when you see them using drones to spray nanoparticulate aluminum in the sky at godnose what cost, because it begs the question if they have some kind of miracle cure that would heal the wounds that they previously made in the sky: why didn’t they use them? If I am right, this ‘need’ has been going on since the 1940s. That’s a long time to be playing with atmospheric pharmacology. This just has kids-playing-with-Daddy’s-gun-then-killing-somebody-with-it written all over it. I don’t think they have any more understanding how to control the mess they made than a snail has the sense to not drink the beer you left for it in the garden. Chemtrails make us ill. Chemtrails kill. There: I said it. Butt, if you want them to stop you will have to be smarter than the spacemen and offer a safe alternative to restoring the kind of damage I enumerated above or you will be shutting off a toxic stopgap that will only lead to you making a nice set of bleached bones on the next Mars.


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  1. Melody permalink

    You make me question everything I see, taste, touch and smell. I welcome this brain smash.

    • Personally, If I were King I would rather hire a taste, smell and feel-tester, but people willing to drop like canaries just for having walked out the front door are hard to come by these days.

  2. Rori permalink

    Patrick, excellent as usual, not to mention the comic relief you add to take the edge off!

  3. mizrae permalink

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • I humbly take exception to that comment. You have provided one of the most significant pieces of info that I will publish in an upcoming Earth/Wind/Fire series that makes the entire parade of alternative media clowns look like squirming maggots under a garbagecan with party hats on. The maggots wearing the hats, that is. I am the KING of dangling modifiers. Your research makes me do a Wayne’s World “I’m not worthy!”. So, thanks for the kind words and sorry that I used the word maggots thrice in a reply of praise.

  4. Fran permalink

    I have a bumper sticker on my car that simply states, “Yep! We’re fucked!!” Got that right after I started listening to you on the radio with Dr. C. So, what they do with the HAARP shit, changing the course of storms and such, is just their way of killing us off a little faster? There are two planes flying overhead right now, here at my house, in Arizona, spitting out their poison. Should I run out and wave a big THANK YOU???

    • Hmmm. That saves me a lot of writing. It seems to me my blogs will all be able to be summarized in three simple words, and three exclamation points. And an apostrophe. Rhymes with catastrophe. See: the thing about Crystalline Pure Evil is that even if HAARP had nothing to do whatsoever with killing us off, the fallout (so to speak) of just juicing the circuits leads to enough small Evil that the self-assembling, intercalated, cell structure builds on itself until it becomes big enough to kill us. Faster? I don’t know. They seem to like the slow death because they can feed off of the grief and pain longer. They do have 6.5 Billion to go to make their Georgia Guidestones Goal. Wave at the drones? (they are not all commercial aircraft) Sure. Wave something at them.

  5. This is a general message to anyone who is not familiar with how things work out here in the Grain Ghetto: If you post a comment and it takes a while to get to the screen it is not for my lack of trying. If you wonder why I don’t respond in a timely fashion after you post a comment it is not for my lack of trying.

    Not only am I on Slow Speed Non-existentNet, I am sure that the AI Beast Computers know who I am and thwart every post that I try to make. Including the second Post that has still not made it into cyberville.

    So, be patient and if you are going to get angry, then by all means get angry at the Gatekeepers. I can only retype the same post so many times in a day before I give up.

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